About MIFACIG Founder



He is described in the milieu of Agroforestry as the epitome of the green revolution in the North West Region. Agroforestry production is the warmth of his heart they say. First, his impressive success story of starting his initiative with300 Fcfa that has brought about the MIFACIG Training and Resource Centre which has become a Beacon of salvation to farmers inspires the entrepreneurial spirit in you! WHAT A ROLE MODEL FOR THE CAMEROONIAN YOUTHS

Secondly, his stewardship at the helm of PLANOPAC North West Region is spiced with the introduction of seminars and workshops to help famers develop alternative means of livelihood during the off-seasons and engage in other income generating activities. In particular, these activities aim at empowering farmers on good agricultural practices, set up training programmes in production of improved planting materials of fruit trees and medicinal plants through grafting, marcotting, rooting of cuttings, apiary development for beekeeping, organic gardening in schools, management and leadership skills, organize HIV/AIDS workshops, land rights for women, literacy etc.

Emmanuel is credited by his peers for crisscrossing and empowering predominantly small-holders farmers in this Region highly reliant on agroforestry production to ‘good agroforestry farmers’, that is, farmers who manage their farms sustainably so as to continuously earn income and living over along time. In particular, he appeals for the respect of the natural resource base and avoid deterioration or destruction of the local environment.

He is also creditd for sharing these knowledge to students and youths every year on internship from various training institutions in Cameroon and abroad. The students from the Regional college of Agriculture, Technical school of Agriculture, College of Technology of the Bamenda University, the National Cooperative College, the University of Dschang, the forestry School Mbalmayo and recently the Catholic University Bamenda all benefit from the expertise and long experience of Emmanuel and Comfort ’s initiative founded in 1993 with a sum of 300 Fcfa as a seedfund.

To know more about Emmanuel and Comfort’s creation ,visit MIFACIG Training and Resource Centre located in Njinikijem Belo Sub Division of Boyo – North West Region of Cameroon.

  • Obtained Certificate in Tree Domestication from Nairobi Kenya
  • Obtained a Diploma in Agriculture, specialised in seedling production and extension from the Regional college of Agriculture Bambili – North West Region Cameroon
  • Obtained a certificate in fruit tree grafting from IRAD Foumbot West Regiion Cameroon
  • Obtained Certificates in City and Guilds of London Examination with excellent award on Crop husbandry, animal husbandry and practical series.
  • An expert in tree domestication and agroforestry.
  • Founder of the MIFACIG Training and Resource Centre.
  • The center has trained thousands of farmers and students on internship from the Regional College of Agriculture Bambili, Technical School of Agriculture Bambili, Forestry School Mbalmayo, University of Dschang, College of Technology (COLTECH) Bamenda University, and National Cooperative College Bamenda.
  • Created and supported 22 schools and colleges on horticulture and environmental clubs in Boyo division.
  • Created and supported 25 community tree nurseries in Boyo, Bui and Ngoketungia Divisions.
  • Effectively managed grants from various donors designed to promote horticulture and school environmental clubs, sustainable agroforestry, literacy, watershed management etc.
  • Trainer and Re-Afforestation / Farming System with the Kilum-Ijim Mountain forest Projects of Boyo and Bui Divisions –Cameroon (Birdlife Projects 1997 – 1999)
  • Consultancy with ICRAF, carried out survey and data collection on production, marketing and market access on endemic tree species for ICRAF (2000-2001).
  • Consultancy with GIZ for the PSMNR-SWR on training of Farmers on intergration of fruit trees in their farming systems within the mount Cameroon biodiversity area
  • Consultancy with Kilum and Ijim Forest Projects on capacity building in Fruit tree grafting, Nursery Techniques and Nursery establishment 1997-2000.
  • Consultancy with IITA, on training of Farmer cooperatives in the Center and South West regions of Cameroon on production and intergration of fruit trees in their farming systems.
  • Consultancy with American Peace Corps Volunteers on practical training of Peace corps on fruit tree grafting, marcotting, rooting of leafy cuttings and tree nursery establishment.
  • Coordinate consultancy of ICRAF and CIPCRE on identification and collection of improve germplasm on cola accuminata. (2003-)
  • Consultancy with CDVTA Cameroon on training of elderly people on : medicinal plants cultivation, beekeeping, wax production, oilment production and nursery establishment.
  • Has developped partnership with the Catholic University Bamenda, ICRAF, PLANOPAC in this domain for relay trainings
  • Was a speaker and Panelist during the World Congress on Agroforestry which took place in New Dehli – Indiain 2014.
  • Has been awarded by the World Agroforestry for promoting agroforestry in Cameroon -2012 .
  • Received an award from the Cameroon Government on the Order of the knight Agricultural merit medale 2015.
  • Excellent Award by Life Time Magazine / News paper for conserving the environment and sharing trees that serve lives.
  • Represented the National Platform of Producer Organisations of Cameroon (PLANOPAC) in a Youth Employment training in Nairobi Kenya in 2018 organised by GIZ.
  • Regional Finance Committee member of AFOP Projects in MINADER and MINEPIA for Youth insertion.
  • Regional steering committee member of the Livestock, Fishery Development Project (LIFIDEP)
  • Has facilitated the creation of resource centres in other communities with ICRAF Cameroon
  • Received serveral recommandations from technical partners
  • Management Board chair of the Regional College of Agriculture Bambili.
  • National steering committee member of ACEFA project in MINADER and MINEPIA
  • Has been Management Board chair of Government Technical High School Njinikijem and Government Bilingual Primary School Belo.
  • Presently the second Vice President to the Regional Governor North West - Cameroon on joint concertation on the Agro-Sylvo Pastoral developmental issues between the State and Producer Organisations.
  • Presently the first Vice National President and the Regional President of the National Platform of Agro-Sylvo-Pastoral Organizations of Cameroon (PLANOPAC)