Summer Volunteer & Travel Tour

Summer Volunteer and Travel Tour program is designed to combine volunteering and traveling experience in Cameroon. This particular program is tailored for those who would like to see Cameroon beauty, experience Cameroon day to day life style and give back to the people in need.

Participating in our Volunteer and Travel Tour program will allow soft adventure activities like Ndawara Tea Estate, Ijim Mountain Forest just a few miles from Belo, the famous lake Oku , Caves, Traditional compounds that still retain traditional houses made of bamboo, the Laikom palace with wonderful things of antiquity, the hilly country of Kom, social giving etc. If you have only short time like 3 to 4 weeks break from your work or study and want to both volunteering and traveling, Volunteer and Travel Tour MIFACIG Program is a perfect combination. You can choose one of many community projects like child care, teaching, health care education, construction and will experience Cameroon Mountain to flat land.

MIFACIG provides a travel solution like guided tours, trekking etc.
- We guarantee the quality and best price and the saving will go directly to our community development initiatives.


Project: Volunteer and Travel Tour
Start Dates: 1st and 20th of each month - 3 + weeks
Language Requirements: English or French
Food and Accommodation: MIFACIG Standard at the host family in the working community a good house with electricity with a very conducive environment
Key Activities: Teaching children / youth, child care orphanage/, construction & Manual work, Cultural immersion activities, etc
Beneficiaries: Children, youth, women, Schools, from the most disadvantaged communities in and out.
Working Hours: 4 to 5 hours a day / 5 to 6 days a week
Required Qualifications and Skills: High School complete, passionate to work with the people in need.
Program Fees: €800 including lodging, Travel, food

Program Duration:

3/4 weeks (2/3 weeks volunteering and 1 week travel tours) - You can also extend your volunteer time with MIFACIG. It will cost €80 extra per week.

Program Cost:

€800 (Euros) Including Travel and food.

Start dates:

1st and 20th of each month MIFACIG offers you a highly affordable Volunteer and Travel Tours to either go on a weekend trip, or choose to travel after you finish your volunteering work with us. This gives you an amazing opportunity to discover Cameroon.

This program is designed to the one who has short time in MIFACIG and still wants to volunteer for MIFACIG people in need and explore different historical, cultural sites and beautiful areas. We encourage you to choose this program if you are on career break, summer holidays. You can make a difference while traveling!

MIFACIG offers fair price, multiple day programs to help you enjoy and experience more during your stay in Cameroon. After you have done your 2/3 weeks volunteering program of your choice we offer the following travel programs for you to explore the beauty of Cameroon.

Your Role and involvement in the Program

Volunteers teach at community schools or orphanage homes to children aged 4-14 years old. Volunteers teach mainly English, and any other subject depending on their interest and ability. The program is non formal teaching and thus does not require any formal training or teaching experience.

Skills and Educational Requirements

There is no educational requirement for this project; anyone with a heart to help people are welcome on this project! However proficiency in English is required. Volunteers MUST be flexible enough, committed and willing to learn.

Travel Plan during and after Volunteering

  • Sightseeing of ‘Ndawara tea Estate have opportunity to see many wild lives e.g. tiger, Elephant, deer’s and many other species including birds. You may enjoy elephant bathing and Tharu cultural dances!
  • Visit Manchum beautiful lake, mountains, falls, and views from Sunrise to Sunset.
  • Return to Limbe down breach stay a night and go for to Kribe for sightseeing for 3days.
  • Visit Ijim Mountain Forest just a few miles from Belo, the famous lake Oku , Caves, Traditional compounds that still retain traditional houses made of bamboo, the Laikom palace with wonderful things of antiquity, the hilly country of Kom, social giving etc.

Airport Receive / Transfer:

Our representative will welcome you at the airport and will transfer you to your hotel / placement / home stay.

Program Orientation:

A-three-day orientation will be provided by our Coordinator and staff. We cover areas like some basic language and culture, greetings, locations, health talk, transportation Tips etc.


Accommodation is provided in MIFACIG Training and Resource Centre Guest House.


MIFACIG meals (rice, soup, vegetables, Salad, etc) will be provided in this project depending on accommodation type.


You must Pay the entrance fees to the heritage sites and if you wish to stay in the city during beyond the program, you must cover your food and accommodation

More about Volunteer Programs.

Our mission is to give people the right tools and knowledge to help themselves. The focus is on helping women, Youths and children through special educational programs and community training projects to promote equality, economic wellbeing and basic human rights.

Transfer to host family / placement; 24 hours emergency support; Regular support / visit and supervision of local staff.

Please use the following bank address to send money for MIFACIG Training and Resource Centre account:

Current Account No:
Bank Limited:


You should pay the transfer fees (60% in FCFA for bank transfer) With many volunteers' request, now MIFACIG also organizes affordable adventure programs, e.g. Trekking, sightseeing, etc through our partner institutes. The cost will be a way cheaper and it also gives a little money for the organization's projects in the community. So you can make many things in one with MIFACIG. We ensure your memorable and life changing experience with us.

The creation of MIFACIG were spurred by living conditions in their area, where there was poverty and threats of food insufficiency. Soil fertility was lower than in other parts

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